MOKUDODO is a bag brand which is formed around experiments with shapes, volumes and unusual materials. The brand was founded in 2017 by Marina Konochkina who is an alumni of Moscow Architectural Institute and the British Higher School of Design. Mysterious Dodo bird from Mauritius island served as an inspiration for the brand name. Dodo who was one of a kind, unique and enigmatic, embodies the features of MOKUDODO brand.


Architectural minimalism, the contrast of materials and colours are main characteristics of the brand. Carefully thought out proportions, exceptional love for detail and unusual shapes transform into the futuristic pieces of art. The collection of bags and backpacks embodies the ideas of suprematism and architectonics. Like different worlds the details of the design form a fascinating MOKUDODO universe.


Materials used in the current collection: real leather, plexiglas, screw retainments, hidden magnets.

Email   mokudodo.art@gmail.com


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